7 life lessons I got from Irma

Hurricane Irma challenged the life balance of a lot of us, directly or indirectly. A lot of us consider there is a before and an after.

For me it sure sounded like an end but quickly life continued in other forms. It was a temporal point of rupture leading to a new reality.

1. Time is precious


First of all, you realize the true meaning of YOLO “You Only Live Once”. Yeah bro.

And then you have flashes of all those times you screamed YOLO before taking a tequila shot in a party thinking that life couldn’t be sweeter… so young and such a bouffoon. 😅🙃🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️

B/ Time is relative

Oops… you then come accross the fact that a lifetime is not as long as you thought.

Also, in times of crisis your notion of time becomes relative to the satisfaction of your basic needs.

One true luxury in this world is TIME.

2. Adaptation is the key


which is hard and quickly after that


Only the strong will continue like Damian (Marley) said.

3. Always be prepared

Train for THE day, be lucid but not paranoid.

Go to the grocery store before the very last day (like I did hehe).

4. Minimalism

Less is more. Try to do everything with less.

First of all it gives you time to shift your attention on more interesting things like activities you enjoy or see the people you love.

Second of all, nobody will leave this world with their material possessions soooo…..

Which leads us to …

5. Priorities

Each individual have their own, find out what are your deepest personal priorities. It will spare you some useful time to :

Focus on the essential.

6. Take care of yourself

If you don’t do it who will? Only you knows what makes you feel alive so it is up to you to go for it.

7. Life has good surprises

Wheel of life: I have seen people making the best of starting a new life from basically nothing. So yeah, miracles may happen too.

All I can say is that for better or worse this event washed away the past to project us in a new future. Now the future is in our hands…

Peace & Love

Full moon flow

Based on a big desire to share on last “full moon / friday 13th” energy combo 🌕🌠, I decided to start back writing and sharing with you guys.

Don’t know for yall but for me… wow last full moon was quite intense.

1. It’s over

One word: closure

I realized how some situations, relationships and habits naturally finished or vanished in a short period of time (ex: a few days only or less than a week). For some unexpectedly, some others without me even noticing it and lastly some cycles that I had to put an end to because it was about time… LOL.

The “art of letting go” also opened my eyes on what was best for me and my own sake… I finally understood lessons that life was trying to teach me through pain for years.

What a relief!

2. It is not always easy

One word: acceptance

Evolution and growth is not a cute process. As much as the moon is looking bright because of the sun’s light reflecting on it, this light also brightens a lot of deep aspects of ourself that were happily hidden in the shaddows.

That kind of exposure of our fears, insecurities and other uncomfortable truths is never a peaceful time and this process takes patience.

The purpose of it all is:

  • to bring our flaws and weaknesses to our attention so that we can embrace them
  • to bring a better knowledge of ourself to ourself
  • to LOVE yourself for what you are wholely and most of all inconditionally

3. Magic happens fast

One word: hope

Wanna know what is quite impressive with the full moon flow? It will always suprise me HOW FAST new elements and facts manifest in your life once you make space.

You can be holding on to toxic vibes for years and at the minute you let go BOOM something new and better can happen or come into your life.

🌱 Time is relative but growth is a mix of ups and downs. Remember to stay focused on you. And if you feel down, do not be scared to ask for help, the universe will manifest it for you too.

Peace & Love

Hope /Espoir

* Monday motivation/ Motivation du lundi *


My vision of hope / Ma vision de l’espoir

Traveling in a world made of dreams, hopes and thoughts…

#FlyHigh #Believe #BeFree #BeYou

Good morning !


Morning balcony view of the Caribbean sea

This is the oil on canvas I would have painted if I had the skills to paint. It is lacking the texture but I feel happy to express myself as a regular person with basic tools. Hope to reproduce it the classic way one day :)
Thanks technology!

Fresh air fresh art


Beach graffiti by unknown street/beach artist

I was actually taking fresh air by the beach when I bumped into this.
Question of the day: How should we call street art when it is located on the beach?

#StreetArt #BeachArt #BeachGraffiti #UnknownBeachArtist

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