Why you should leave home to find yourself

I have always been an advocate for travel 😊 and I am aware there are many people for whom it is not a priority. Some people are like birds who need to fly to be themselves and some others are like trees that need to grow their roots in order to extend and nurrish their leaves.

Here I would like to adress to both types, travelers and non travelers. I think that there is at least one time in your life when you should go to find yourself.

The smaller your hometown is and the sooner you should think about exploring another corner of the world…at least temporarily.

1. The sooner the better

This is no scoop… Young brains are more absorbant.

When we grow up, our brains are in development and neuronal connexions are forming until you reach some age when your neuroplasticity is going to slowly decrease.

In other words we better learn/see/taste/hear/smell/experience new stuff while we are young because the older we get and the harder it gets to digest new informations and change our thinking processes.

2. Growth is not in your confort zone

Of course in our hometown, the daily routine is somewhat predictable and comforting. Who wouldn’t want to live in an environement without any bad surprises?

Well… I hope you did not say “ME” while reading because sorry: this would be pure ILLUSION. You cannot be against bad suprises and for good surprises at the same time because they work together and it is what we call LIFE.

It’s ok to be scared of change, of the unknown… growth itself is scary. Nevertheless, the best version of yourself is on the other side of the river.

And who knows what great surprises awaits you, it is probably just one plane ticket away!

3. Experiences shape your whole being

Discover what you like/what you don’t, what you want/what you don’t takes ages (decades at least). Try things: give your best, fail, restart, accomplish things. Repeat. Over and over, as much as needed.

People say practice makes perfect but you know what? Trying makes you YOU.

Offering your self a new environment is like changing the ground for a flower in a pot when it needs new nutriments.

4. Don’t become a victim of others opinion

In a whole different environment you discover what is YOU opposed to “what you were teached to be”.

People always have something to say about everybody, especially if you grow up in a restricted area. The more I try to view this as an “extreme” extension of caring for each other, and the more I see finally that however your actions are perceived what matters are the actions themselves.

If you are ok with what you are doing and you are not harming anyone, why should the perception of others matter to you?

If this resonates to you… imagine how freeing it is to reach in a new place where you are not related to anyone. Imagine a place where people could not care less about what you do! Mmm sounds good right?

And of course, it does not change the fact that those who love and care about you deeply will continue to do so. You basically are not losing anything. These is just about gaining freedom and space for yourself.

5. You deserve unlimited opportunities

This is a whole mindset of accepting that you deserve the best. But no country or piece of land has it all nor is perfect. Sorry but wonderland does not exist on Earth (yeah it made me sad too LOL). So go for it, look for what is good for you and let your intuition guide you towards what is a appealing to you. Even if it means to move from where you are.

Your calling is yours and yours only, so don’t be surprised if it leads you where nobody close to you goes or has ever been. Once you get there, you would probably be amazed to see that you are not the first, nor the last to do so.

6. Confront yourself to other cultures and diversity

Remember adaptation is a vital surviving skill. Why not test your surviving skills? There is nothing more rewarding then succeeding your own personal challenges. It is a sort of Koh Lanta but when you win, you win self-trust and self-pride. The 2 most priceless feelings you can offer yourself.

The best part of it: NEW always has a special taste. At the end of your life, you are more likely to reminisce on the first time you did this or that… rather the 1001st time.

If you are still afraid to jump, remember that you do not have to be alone. It is super important to have your support system and people to have your back. You also have way more resources inside of you than you can imagine. But you will only know that for sure AFTER the first step. You got this!!!