L’autre est ton miroir (how we mirror and project)

Others beings are the reflection of ourselves and how we interact with them is a reflection of how we interact with our own self.

It is crazy when we think about it but it is just simply the law of attraction manifesting itself to us and around us… according to our own vibe.

Being aware of this changes the game. Because then it becomes easier to work on self development. Welcome to a life of free everyday never-ending therapy session YAY !

When I realized that traits I loved and admired in other humans was none other than resources present within me that I did not exploit… it was so EMPOWERING! “Wow yes I can do this too and I didn’t know 😊”

On the other hand, when it came to my mind that what I could not stand or bare in others were personal traits I did not accept or made peace with… OK that part was harder to digest, no lie.

*Positive note: how amazing to see that we would always have room for improvement if we listen to our own emotions.

In addition, when you own your reality and stop projecting on those around you, what a suprize to discover how much they project on you too 😮 You start to understand that some things you almost thought were true about yourself are clearly NOT. You begin to dissociate what you ARE VS. what people project of you (which is their business and none of yours, by the way).

And what a relief!!! Especially when humans are the best at blaming others for their own situations.

Which leads us to the concept of responsability over your own actions and words.

“Look what you made me do!”. Ughh I hate that sentence. Actually, when you get the idea that the only responsible for your choices is YOU, you align with your decision-making. And of course, you no longer accept the projections and guilt trips some individuals would send you to.

– “No Germain I ain’t made you do sh*t!” (Sorry to whoever is named Germain)

Taking full accountability of what you say and do implicitely means: be careful of what you say and do. Do your best, at least try. Then let others do their part of the work.

Owning your perceptions and reactions inevitably stops at letting others be accountable for their own.

It is the butterfly effect: each little step one takes has a consequence on the rest of their life so try to live every minute mindfuly. Be ready to faces consequences good or bad, hurtful or liberating, or even both at the same time. This is what “growing up” feels like (yep it hurts in the process and after a while it gets better).

You can only focus on your karma in a lifetime. Let others deal with theirs. You deserve all of your time and energy so focus on your life lessons.

Peace & Love

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