Hope /Espoir

* Monday motivation/ Motivation du lundi *


My vision of hope / Ma vision de l’espoir

Traveling in a world made of dreams, hopes and thoughts…

#FlyHigh #Believe #BeFree #BeYou

Good morning !


Morning balcony view of the Caribbean sea

This is the oil on canvas I would have painted if I had the skills to paint. It is lacking the texture but I feel happy to express myself as a regular person with basic tools. Hope to reproduce it the classic way one day :)
Thanks technology!

Fresh air fresh art


Beach graffiti by unknown street/beach artist

I was actually taking fresh air by the beach when I bumped into this.
Question of the day: How should we call street art when it is located on the beach?

#StreetArt #BeachArt #BeachGraffiti #UnknownBeachArtist

St-Maarten/ St-Martin in motion

Great timelapse video showing everyday life taking its course on the “island that never sleeps”.

To know more about the young talented person who made the video:
Donovane Tremor
Website: dono-eyes.com -> he also has a wonderful collection of colourful landscapes of the island, which I’m sure you want to see =)
Facebook fan page : facebook.com/DonoPhotographies
Instagram : Dono Sxm

Freedom / Liberté

None but ourselves can free our mind.
Nul autre que soi peut libérer son esprit.

Bob Marley

Freedom Liberté street art

Great street art tribute / Bel hommage street art

Free your mind, let it travel!
Libérez votre esprit, laissez-le voyager!


Because men (XY) and women (XX) have that X in common and therefore at least 50% of the genetic material of a woman…

I wish a happy day to the X in every single human being!


Parce que les hommes (XY) et les femmes (XX) ont un X en commun et par conséquent au moins 50% du matériel génétique d’une femme …

Je souhaite une bonne journée au X dans chaque être humain!

See how the beauty of this masculine ethnic mask is enhanced by its feminine features! Voyez comment la beauté de ce masque ethnique masculin est soulignée par ses traits féminins!

Beauty is a whole! La beauté est un tout!

#YingYang #Balance #Equilibre

1 island 2 countries / 1 île 2 pays

Happy Saint-Martin/Sint-Maarten’s day !

“Ile de Saint-Martin” peinture sur céramique / “Saint-Martin island” cramic painting Credits: Fard à pop

One island, one people
Une île, un peuple

PS: Local street art “Toi là je t’aime”, translation “Hey you I love you!”


Better than Instagram / Mieux qu’Instagram

View on Grand Case bay and its famous Creole Rock by Sir Roland Richardson

Vue sur la baie de Grand Case et son célèbre Rocher Créole par Sir Roland Richardson

gdcase view roland richardson

Credits: Grand Case Beach Club


Artist RolandRichardsonTo know more about this St-Martin artist considered as the “Father of Caribbean impressionism”:

Pour en savoir plus sur cet artiste Saint-Martinois considéré comme le “Père de l’impressionnisme caribéen”:

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