Hope /Espoir

* Monday motivation/ Motivation du lundi *


My vision of hope / Ma vision de l’espoir

Traveling in a world made of dreams, hopes and thoughts…

#FlyHigh #Believe #BeFree #BeYou

Glittery sand / Sable pailleté #2


“See the magic in everyday life”

Relax and take some time to observe… little miracles happen everyday!
Détendez-vous et prenez le temps d’observer… de petits miracles arrivent tous les jours!
#Summer #Magic #Beauty

Love is the answer / L’amour est la clé

I wanted to know the truth. So bad. I have asked, I have searched, I have done my little studies, I talked to the wisest people I know on this Earth! …and finally I found it it found me.

It all makes sense somehow, look no further.
Everything leads to the same answer: L O V E


Sending peace & love to the universe

It is the therapy for most problems, the best pain relief, the very last solution for very desperate situations, the most efficient reaction to life, the only option left when you have no more options…


Warning: Can be more powerful than any other emotion. Do not use if you are not ready to handle big positive changes in your life!

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